Be Not Defeated in Hard Times




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People are being defeated primarily because of two things negative internal dialogue and the discouraging words of negative people. I want you to picture yourself as a pitcher of water. Sitting on a counter and you have ice in your pitcher which means your water should be cool and soothing and delightful to drink. Now you are sitting on the counter and every one that you meet takes a drink from your pitcher. After a while what happens there is no more water left in your pitcher. You are dried up you are no longer attractive. People pass you by. Who wants or needs a pitcher with no water in it.
But if the people you meet take a drink from your pitcher then put water back into the pitcher or add some more ice you stay refreshed. When people add water to your pitcher or add ice they refresh you they help to sustain you. They add to your life force. But when you allow people to continue to take from you and add nothing to your life then you die inside and become less effective and finally you give up.
When faced with adversity, every human being is called upon to stand up. This book is designed to give you the strength to do just that. With this book at your side you can reach for encouragement, refreshment, and the strength to fight life’s battles. The book will remind you that you can win at life. Life is a joyful experience that is supposed to be filled with happiness with God at the helm. This book will help you to stay mindful of your responsibilities to God and yourself. Your family will benefit from your diligence.

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