Woman of Courage Part one

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Gloria G. Lee’s Women of Courage is a warm, inspiring read. Based on historical events and facts she shows how history and man have moulded women and their perception. From India to America she covers controversial topics that women endure daily yet are passed over by people today and swept under the carpet almost. Covering controversial topics and retelling harrowing tales she takes you back throughout history and allows you to see it from the women’s point of view.
Why has this happened? Why are social injustices towards women, even in the twenty-first century still looked on as the norm.

She champions women and wants them to stand up and fight for their rights, speak out when they think something is wrong and ask questions no one else has dared to ask. From single mothers struggling to raise her children to women soldiers of today, Gloria gives them a voice, a platform and allows the reader to see them as they should be seen, women. Strong willed, caring, intelligent and powerful women.
This book is a must read for any woman. It will help you see how women have been portrayed throughout history and how we have been second class citizens for so long. You will look back and see things in a different perspective and see how these views and ideals are still affecting women across the world today. It highlights the struggles women face today with employment and how we had to fight for our rights to gain employment and work alongside men.
Why are women, daughters, still sold as if they are owned by men? Why should women accept society’s notion that marriage, raising children and keeping a home is the only place for them? Why can women not do the same jobs a men and receive the same pay scale?
Gloria believes all women should be able to do whatever they want, pursue any dream they wish regardless of age, status or background. She uses other ordinary women’s struggles and strengths to help ignite something deep inside and spur you on to reach your true potential. If you want to take back charge of your life or change it then this is the book for you.

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Woman of Courage Part Two

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Gloria G. Lee’s Women of Courage part two follows on from her previous book in which she covered women throughout history and their plights in equality, employment and the struggles they still face to this day. Part two focuses on all the women soldier’s, past and present. All the unsung hero’s of World War Two that gave their lives yet received so little recognition. Freedom comes at a price and women have fought for this too whether that be on the front line or behind closed doors at home where they were seen and treated as property. She also covers highly skilled women doing top jobs and those that are murdered for just doing their duty.

Gloria has done her research on all of the topics covered and speaks with a passion in which she wishes to instil in the women of today. She wants women young and old, rich and poor to look at the past and use it to help shape the future.
This is an enjoyable, informative read which makes you stop and think. It demonstrates just how versatile and strong women are yet still they suffer, often in silence.
Women of all ages, races and nationalities should read this book, it will give you the courage to act on your wishes and achieve your dreams. Gloria believes women have power, they just need to learn how to harness it and use it to their advantage. Women can do anything they desire, but sometimes there are boundaries. These boundaries can easily be tackled and Gloria gives great examples of how women have been freeing themselves of any restraints from all walks of life and wants every woman to do the same. She wants change and believes it can happen, both in women’s lives and the world. This is a great read for any one, but especially those who wish to make a change, be it in their personal life or in society.

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How To Become a Woman of Courage

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How To Become A Courage Woman is a hand book to follow up the Women of Courage books and starts off by looking at possibly one of the most powerful and inspirational women of today, Hilary Clinton. She, like the book wants change, she would be the first female President of the United States and she wasn’t afraid to challenge all the naysayers and all the rules of society women must obey. It also looks at an inspirational young woman named Malala Yousafzai. Malala rose to international fame after being shot for standing up to girl’s rights to an education. The third woman featured is Eleanor Roosevelt, one of the most outspoken first ladies to grace the White House that fiercely spoke up for what he believed in.
The handbook is about creating change. Changes both in your life and mentally. It looks at how we as women see ourselves, see others and often compare ourselves and create self-doubt.
The book helps you find the tools you need to create change, to grow courage and gives you the insight needed using quotes and case studies from various different people. It’s also filled with activities for you to complete, making you not only think but form your own conclusions and reflect on yourself and your actions.

This book is a must for anyone that has read the Women of Courage books. Its packed with activities and information which continues in the same manner as the books.

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