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If your child or family member cannot read by the 4th grade he has a 90% chance of going to prison. This statement is a fact. There is no hocus pocus to this statement. A man who cannot read will not have the survival skills to protect his mind understand what is going on around him or have developed skills to raise a family. Consequently, this man will turn to crime that will land him in prison. The number of men in prison who suffer from poor reading skills proves males who cannot read by the 4th grade end up in prison. This can be change when you help us with the Touched By The Light Literacy Program and our Prison Ministry. The Devil’s Cauldron explores how men and women think and how they view themselves when they do not have the tools to manage their lives.
One of their biggest problems is individuals with poor management skills constantly make comparisons to their detriment. Making comparison about your performance with respect to someone else’s performance is absolutely stupid. If Cassius Clay had compared himself to other fighters in his day, he would have never succeeded and he would have never become Mohammed Ali. He was not born Mohammed Ali. He was born Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr. He was not born perfect but he continued to believe in himself until he began to tell the world what he was going to do to his opponents.
In The Devil’s Cauldron the author says, “Why waste your time on thoughts of comparisons?” What a man accomplishes in his day depends on his drive and motivation and his ability to stick to his task. Your friend is talking and you are listening to him giving his premises creditability. He says no man can walk a hundred miles in x number of hours. Your friend has a big mouth. His opinion is based on what he can’t do not what he knows is fact or based on what he has tried. If you ask any man in the military can a man march 100 miles they will smile and say before breakfast. When a man is fighting he will eat up 100 miles. General Patton’s troops did it. Making comparisons is foolhardy. Stop doing it. Stop comparing the outcome of your effort to the outcome of another man’s efforts. If you get a job and go to work every day, attend classes at night to learn a trade you can pay a house note. If you take your time and learn what type of woman you want for a wife you can find a woman to fit that bill. Just because your loud mouth friend talks about his wife does not mean you can’t find a good wife. And besides why hasn’t your loud mouth friend left his wife since he is complaining about her all the time. He probably has not left his wife because she is the only thing in his life that is holding him together. Read the Devil’s Cauldron and learn how to examine the way you think. Have your son read The Devil’s Cauldron so he too can see he can have a better life with a little effort and a better education after learning to read. The Perfect Book for the young man who does not value reading.

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