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Here are some questions for you. What is desperation? What causes desperation? What leads to desperation? Why can’t desperation be managed? The Merriam Dictionary defines the word desperation a noun, as loss hope and surrender to despair, a state of hopelessness leading to rashness. They synonyms of desperation are despair, despond, despondence, despondency, forlornness and hopelessness. The dictionary goes on to provide a sentence to the meaning. She felt overcome by desperation, the desperation of severe poverty, they hired me out of desperation, because they couldn’t find anyone else. As you read the definition of the word desperation one become surrounded by gloom. This is a dark word. A word no one wants to use very often. One would say your life sucks if you are desperate. Desperation is not a happy occasion. Desperation is an emotion that leads one to kill, to commit adultery, cheat at work or commit a foolish act. A desperate person feels there is no way out. They are boxed in to one behavior. Thoughts run through the mind, I have to do it or else. I have to try this even though I do not think it will work. Maybe I will win.
These are the questions and situations we explore in A Christian is Never Desperate. The supposition is if you believe in God that God should appear in your life causing you not to commit a desperate act. There should be enough information in God’s word to cause a man or a woman to reconsider acting desperately.
Below are four headlines discussing the crimes four grandmothers are accused of committing. What drove these women to break the law? Why did these women think that had to sell drugs, or have their husband killed for money? Look at the headlines:
Friday, February 17, 2012, the News 8, WTNH broadcast reported Grandmother Arrested In Drug Bust in Anstonia, Connecticut.
Friday, April 5, 2012 the following article, American grandmother jailed on drug charges, was published in the Jamaica Observer. Either the television or someone made Jane Carmichael, 52, believe drug smuggling was easy. This assumption will now cost her 12 years of her life.

April 13, 2012 the following article, Marijuana grandma arrested, was reported in the 10 News broadcast in Florida.
April 10, 2013 the following article, Grandmother Arrested With Grandson In Murder Plot, was reported. Thursday, January 2, 2014 the following article, Grandmother arrested for calling 911 to report ‘beer emergency, was reported by Fox 8 WGHP.
All of these articles reported elderly women acting badly. The news is shocking. You can’t help but ask yourself what happen to these women? How can a grandmother sell drugs or ask her grandson to commit murder? Grandmothers do not sell drugs or have their grandson’s kill their husbands for money. Something is seriously wrong. What made these women act the way they did? What caused elderly women to act out of character and break the law? Selling drugs is not like a traffic ticket. Selling drugs is a felony, a crime that will cause years in prison. We believe these women were desperate. We think they failed at life and wanted money in their old age and they were willing to take a chance to get the money. What made these women desperate? We explore desperation in the book A Christian is Never Desperate. One facet of problem solving that can lead to better solutions is changing the way one thinks. Most people persist in doing the same thing over and over and over again expecting a different result from the last time. When actually what the person needs to do to solve many of their problems is to change the way they think and to change associates and to begin acquiring more information from different sources. People need a stratified information source not a localized information source (the same old friends). What leads to desperation is when a person thinking something imminent is going to happen and there is now way out except to commit a desperate act, like stealing, or lying.
Read and study this book. See if you can find information that will help you avoid becoming desperate.

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