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Your life is in the balance every day that you awake because you do not know your enemy. You spend all day thinking about how to impress people, what clothes to wear, how best to seduce a woman, how to get people to like you so you can use them, have someone call you for a date that you do not stop and think and ask what forces are acting in my life causing me to fail. You have not surveyed your life asking the question, “why is there more rain in my life than sunshine?” Why do I keep hurting myself and others? What is wrong? Why am I thinking the way I think? Why do I think it is slick to lie, cheat and to steal? Why am I who I am? Instead of rushing out every morning you need to sit and take stock of your life. You need to sit down and ask yourself who have I brought into my life that is causing problems in my life. Yes there is a person or persons in your life that is changing the tide of your life that is causing you to self-destruct. You are relying upon their advice. You admire them. You think they are smarter than you. You think they have all the answers because you believe the façade they are presenting. They are whispering in your ear at work or at home or at play and they are causing you to make unwise decisions.
These people are called the third voice. Who is the third voice in your life that you are listening to that is causing problem in your marriage? Who is the third voice causing you problems on the job? Now don’t be a fool and convince yourself that the third voice in your life is the girlfriend that is telling you not to go to the bar and bring a man home. She is not the third voice in your head causing destruction. She is not why you do not have a boyfriend that turns into a husband. It is the voice that is advising you to be wicket that is the third voice. The voice that says you need to get your groove back by sticking your breast out and going to bed with your girlfriend’s husband or dance topless in a bar because it is a fast money working at McDonald’s is stupid. Marrying and buying a house and paying taxes is for fools.

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