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Gloria G. Lee’s Women of Courage part two follows on from her previous book in which she covered women throughout history and their plights in equality, employment and the struggles they still face to this day. Part two focuses on all the women soldier’s, past and present. All the unsung hero’s of World War Two that gave their lives yet received so little recognition. Freedom comes at a price and women have fought for this too whether that be on the front line or behind closed doors at home where they were seen and treated as property. She also covers highly skilled women doing top jobs and those that are murdered for just doing their duty.

Gloria has done her research on all of the topics covered and speaks with a passion in which she wishes to instil in the women of today. She wants women young and old, rich and poor to look at the past and use it to help shape the future.
This is an enjoyable, informative read which makes you stop and think. It demonstrates just how versatile and strong women are yet still they suffer, often in silence.
Women of all ages, races and nationalities should read this book, it will give you the courage to act on your wishes and achieve your dreams. Gloria believes women have power, they just need to learn how to harness it and use it to their advantage. Women can do anything they desire, but sometimes there are boundaries. These boundaries can easily be tackled and Gloria gives great examples of how women have been freeing themselves of any restraints from all walks of life and wants every woman to do the same. She wants change and believes it can happen, both in women’s lives and the world. This is a great read for any one, but especially those who wish to make a change, be it in their personal life or in society.

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