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A lot of us have found ourselves in threatening scenarios – a cheating husband, an unwanted pregnancy, extreme poverty and many others. We were faced with making decisions which could either make or mar us. While some of us were able to scale through, others weren’t lucky enough. Well, it is not that the women that couldn’t make it through were foolish or less deserving. Most of the time, they were just unlucky to be victims of the weak “belief system” of the society we find ourselves.
As women, we can’t and shouldn’t allow this barbarity to continue. We are the ones being victimized. And only we can liberate ourselves. The book, You Are the Prophet of Your Life was written to help women across the world understand this and stand together to confront the monsters in our lives for the sake of the future of our children. The book takes into cognizance the millions of people in the world who have lost their lives solely because they were women, poor and were unable to control their environment. The author like every other American woman feels enough is enough.
Some of the key messages discussed in the book include:
Being consistent in your say and belief: One of the biggest problems most people encounter is being consistent. A lot of us fail when our thoughts and beliefs are put to the test. This should never be so. Being inconsistent in one’s belief translates to sowing seeds of doubt and unbelief. And like the famous saying, “whatever you sow, you will reap.” As much as you can, endeavor to be consistent in what you say. Not only this, you must ensure that your speeches exude faith, happiness, and wellness.
Being pessimistic is dangerous: Why get up in the morning telling yourself it is going to be a horrible day? Why tell yourself you are meant for the doom and not the fortune? No matter how bad your yesterday was, it should never stop you from being optimistic. Being pessimistic sets you up for a miserable life. It prevents you from seeing the positives in your life. You must realize that you are in control of what you think. Most importantly, you must always remember it is positive thinking that will make you a better person.
The importance of reading scriptures: You do not need to believe in God to read scriptures. Reading the scriptures can help liberate you from negative thinking. God’s words exude hope and positivity. They do not forecast doom and gloom. God tells man that he can look forward to a great life by living righteously and not violating others. Nothing can be as powerful as this.
The need to investigate your emotions: Taking authority over your life involves you investigating your emotions. A lot of us fail in this regard. Investigating our emotions require self-examination, which is usually painful. Apart from this, most of us are scared of making mistakes. Thus, we tend to prefer to oscillate back and forth between two kingdoms than taking tough decisions. Irrespective of how difficult investigating your emotions can be, you must never shy away from it. When you do not investigate your emotions, you are inviting others to take control of your life.
The above-listed points and much more are extensively discussed in You are the prophet of your life. It is a must-read book for every individual that wishes to break from the society belief system bondage.

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